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Located on Avenida Almirante de Reis, Dos Reis by The Beautique Hotels is inspired by the cultural diversity characteristic of this area. To walk through it, from Baixa to Areeiro, is to feel a connection between its past and its constant evolution.


Dos Reis by The Beautique Hotels offers 54 rooms over five floors. In shades of grey, champagne and with hints of ochre and orange, these are the refuge of neoclassical comfort. Each room features different textures, reflections and transparencies that come to life through ceramics, worked glass and period furniture. The perfect environment for stories to be told, wrapped in historical imagery, has been created.

Restaurant & Bar

Heir to real and authentic Italian cuisine, Anarchia serves a variety of risottos, pastas and homemade pizzas that you can accompany with a good Italian wine. It is a refined dining room, open to all, where every dish, from focaccia to tiramisu, stands out for its simplicity and flavour.

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Dos Reis by The Beautique Hotels

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The best deals are always with us. Book directly on the website and enjoy a full stay. We launch offers periodically. Visit us regularly so you don’t miss them.

We publish offers periodically. Visit us soon so you don't miss them.


Dos Reis by The Beautique Hotels is located in the heart of the city of Lisbon, on Avenida Almirante de Reis

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Dos Reis by The Beautique Hotels

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